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Yeti Claw Slippers

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Have you ever been hiking in the Himalayas, minding your own business, when you run across mysterious tracks in the snow?  Do the tracks appear to be left by a bipedal primate, about 6 feet tall?  You might have stumbled across evidence of a fearsome Yeti, aka Abominable Snowman, creature of legend!

Whether or not you have seen Yeti tracks, you can make some of your own with these mythically epic Yeti Claw Slippers!  Made with wild white fur and icy blue claws, they capture the larger-than-life spirit of these mythical beasts.  They'll also keep your paws toasty warm, even when frosty winds whip the mountain peaks.

Made in a full-foot design with soft plush uppers, foam footbeds, and non-slip grips on soles.