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Yeti Foot Slippers Side View
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Yeti Foot Slippers Front View
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Yeti Abominable Snowman Feet Slippers

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Ahhhhh, the mysterious Yeti. Is it a fearsome and deadly monster, stalking its prey through the jagged Himalayas? Or is it a shy and bashful mountain creature that’s merely misunderstood? We may never know. 

Whatever the case, the Yeti, aka Abominable Snowman, must leave some pretty epic footprints in the snow! We’ve paid tribute to these legendary creatures with these larger-than-life slippers. Don’t be fooled by the icy blue toes—these babies are cozy and warm on the inside!

Made with pillowy soft uppers, white faux fur, blue plush toes, foam footbeds, and non-slip grips on soles.