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Green Dinosaur Feet 3/4 View
Green Dinosaur Feet Side View
Green Dinosaur Feet Top View
Green Dinosaur Feet Bottom View
Green Dinosaur Feet Front View
Green Dinosaur Feet View of Pair

Green Dinosaur Feet Slippers

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These hysterical prehistorical Dino Feet are on the prowl!  With scaly-textured plush and three claws on each feet, these slippers capture a dangerously exciting and fearsome foot.  They're definitely not a dino-snore.  Perfect for when you feel like chasing your pets around the house, or being a lazy bones on the couch.  With two sizes, you can create your own pack of Velociraptors and terrorize your neighborhood!

Made with pillowy plush uppers in a full-foot style, foam footbeds, and non-slip grips on soles.