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Zombie Slippers

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YUCK! These disgustingly undead slippers will start munching on your feet, crunching through your legs, chomping on your torso, until they finally get to their favorite dessert….your BRAAAAIIIIIIINNNNNNSSSSS! If you are brave enough (or foolish enough) to let these terrifying slippers into your home, please don’t sue us for damages!  We warned you!!!

These creepy kicks feature bloody mouths, dangling eyeballs, matted black hair and exposed brain matter. Made with foam footbeds and non-slip grips on soles (OK, that part sounds pretty nice actually).  These slippers will keep you cozy in your underground bunker as you’re waiting out the zombie apocalypse.

  • One size
  • Footbed measures 10.5”
  • Fits up to Women’s size 10 / Men’s 9

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