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T-Rex Dinosaur Slippers 3/4 View
T-Rex Dinosaur Slippers Side View
T-Rex Dinosaur Slippers Top View
T-Rex Dinosaur Slippers Bottom View
T-Rex Dinosaur Slippers View of Pair

T-Rex Dinosaur Slippers

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Terrifyingly terrific, or utterly adorable... you decide. Brought back from extinction with great distinction, these T-Rex dinosaur slippers need no intraaawwwwrrrduction! Little stubby arms are anatomically correct. Not really, but real tyrannosaurses's had them, and these do, too. Precision laser-guided airbrushes apply a design mapped from an actual, real 3x3 piece of t-rex skin. Not really, but these DO have a pretty sweet pattern on the fabric. 

Made with soft plush in a full-foot design, thick foam footbeds, and non-slip grips on soles. 

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